you’ve always been the key

I have a feeling if you’re reading this, you have spent your entire life trying to be someone, ANYONE other than yourself. And…me too.

I’m here to tell you this:

You were born to perform, as you are.

There is no such thing as changing yourself to be more confident, but rather the journey is unearthing yourself.

Healing the inner things, being gentle with yourself, and clearing out the beliefs others have told you to be true about yourself and finding what’s more real, what’s more true — YOUR truth.

You were born to perform.

All of the things others may have told you were wrong about you…is simply not true. It’s actually exactly what the world needs. This is about releasing the need for outside validation and creating true confidence and empowerment within. Setting the foundation because when that confidence comes from YOU — no one can take that from you.

You were born to perform.

And the more you live in your truth, the more it inspires others to live in their truth and it changes lives. When that energy is just radiating from you, you are changing the world whether you know it or not. Whether you’re ready to give yourself that credit or not.I believe in you, and I am here to believe in you until you can truly do that for yourself.

Because powerful women believed (still believe) in me before I could see it for myself, and that’s what we are here for — to uplift one another, rally, encourage, celebrate, and more. The truth is, you don’t “truly” need my work or anyone else’s work. Of course support helps, growth helps, and all of the things help — but it starts with you.

You’ve always been the key.

My hope for you is that your inner diva comes forth and claims all that was meant for her and more. That you blow your own damn mind so much, and get everything you want in life and more. That your dreams come to life because you decided to choose you, believe in you, back your heart, and just go live your life. That you own every room you walk into because you are dripping with self-love, and your wildest desires come to life. That the promises you made to your younger and future self, come to fruition.

Those dreams your younger self would be so excited for you. Imagine being able to tell the young you, and the future you, how in love with YOU that you are and with your life.

Step into it boldly, and claim it. Say it with me, and allow yourself to get lost in the feeling. You own your stage, you own your life.

“I was born to perform. I am here. I have arrived.”

Yes. Cheers to you, powerful woman. #AllllltheYes



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